StepGate II

Mechanical wet cleaning

The StepGate stainless steel personnel sluices are ideal for entrances to sensitive production areas. When entering, the soles are cleaned mechanically and by fluid using obliquely arranged patented brush strips. The cleaning process is chemically assisted by the addition of disinfection and / or cleaning detergents. The filling level of the cleaning liquid in the stainless steel lower trough determines the cleaning intensity.

The StepGate II model is the optimum solution for frequently used entrances and exits. On account of its double length, more steps on the active cleaning surface are required, which ensures even more intensive cleaning.

Technical dataStepGate II
Dimensions (W x L x H)820 x 1960 x 1180 mm
Weight160 kg
Brush field (W x L)660 x 1920 mm
Brush field (W x L)
Capacity2 x 15 l


  • No connections to the power and water supplies required
  • No wastewater draining port required
  • Intensive sole cleaning und disinfection
  • Mobile on account of fork lift pick-up
  • Optional with sole drying
  • Can also be operated in dry mode.



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